350: Rashida Jones, Yo-Yo Ma, Tegan and Sara

Encore Broadcast: Multi-hyphenate Rashida Jones -- one of the forces behind TV's police farce "Angie Tribeca"-- comes bearing wisdom for 'overdogs'... Cello maestro Yo-Yo Ma gets existential... Pop sensations Tegan and Sara craft a party playlist that's frank -- and French... The man and myth behind the doughnut, as we know it... Photographing your dinner makes you happy?! Rico fact checks (with more doughnut)... Funny-person Negin Farsad ponders etiquette and 'other' questions... Plus, blessed jokes, magical chocolate, and your next favorite song!

380: Aimee Mann, Hank Azaria, Jason Jones

Hank Azaria ("Brockmire") talks about baseball in at least five different voices... Aimee Mann disses tattoo copycats, sings about actual cats ... "Daily Show" expat Jason Jones -- now starring in "The Detour" -- relives the terrors of moving to New York City ... Molly Wood unveils the latest scholarship at the University of Utah -- for video game players ... and we learn how we've been using salt completely wrong. Plus, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand makes a dinner party playlist for his pals, we toast a dry Niagara Falls, and we announce/lament the winner of Martini Madness!

379: Katie Couric, Prentice Penny, Jens Lekman (w/ guest host Lauren Ober)

Journalist Katie Couric is not flattered by her nickname of "America's Sweetheart"... HBO's "Insecure" showrunner Prentice Penny gives some "Upscale" advice... Swedish troubadour Jens Lekman throws a dance party in the Middle East... the creators of the hit Broadway musical "Come From Away" list some musicals based on real events. Plus, a divorce hotel, a new track from Slowdive, and the final round of Martini Madness!

378: Danny Boyle, RuPaul, Alan Tudyk

The one and only RuPaul gives some "godly" etiquette advice... filmmaker Danny Boyle reflects back on his cult film "Trainspotting" and why he decided to make a sequel more than 20 years later... Actor Alan Tudyk picks a list of his favorite robots... And sommelier protocol with the New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov. Plus, why Romania changed definitions in its dictionary, the costliest art heist in American history, and a song to kick off the weekend.

SXSW Speakeasy Special: RuPaul, Rachel Bloom, Adrianne Lenker

(Heads up: This week's episode features some *ahem* adult humor. It may not be suitable for young listeners.) Folks! It's an all-new Speakeasy Special. This time, Rico and Brendan are reporting from the South by South West festival in Austin, TX. Learn all about the good (and odd) food they dined on and new music acts they saw. Plus, unheard tidbits from our interviews with RuPaul and Rachel Bloom!

377: Gillian Jacobs, Sam Richardson, Jay Som

Actor Gillian Jacobs shares her "Love" for her Netflix show and public radio... Comedian Sam Richardson finds a friend -- and his mojo -- at the edge of the world... Jay Som DJs a Halloween party (springtime be damned)... And Emily Post's scions bring tips on hotel tips. Plus, decrypting the Rorschach test, Norway's answer to comment trolls, and MARTINI Madness. Fill out your boozy brackets, y'all!

376: Pete Holmes, Jordan Peele, Valerie June

Comedian Jordan Peele's hit horror film "Get Out" is a deadly serious exploration of racism...Pete Holmes used his divorce as inspiration for his new HBO comedy, "Crashing"...Nashville singer Valerie June throws a party at Elvis' house...Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen tackles issues of race, immigration, and identity...Plus, how the film, "Nosferatu," almost burned to crisp, a cocktail that will wake you from the dead, and running a marathon...with a bike?

Dinner for One: Jordan Peele Reflects on the Real Horrors at the Heart of ‘Get Out’

This week, something a little different! We're giving you the first in an all-new series we're calling "Dinner for One" -- essentially, a single, almost unedited conversation with someone amazing. This time, comedy -- and now horror -- genius Jordan Peele chats with Rico about "Get Out," the new film he wrote and directed. The 'social thriller' tackles race head-on, with a totally different tone than a typical horror film. Plus, we've got an exclusive new trailer for an *ahem* absolute must-see movie. Cheers!

375: Damien Chazelle, George Saunders, Rhiannon Giddens, Menu Mysteries

Director Damien Chazelle on his record-tying 14 Oscar nominations, and why he's attracted to art forms on their way to extinction... A New York Times editor reveals the elaborate accommodations for canine competitors at the Westminster Dog Show... Author George Saunders dishes out advice and reveals his *real* first novel... Musician Rhiannon Giddens picks a playlist for the perfect potluck... Plus, decoding menu mysteries and how John Harvey Kellogg invented corn flakes!

374: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ottessa Moshfegh, Beer Porridge

Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about his latest work in "Moana," and reveals how a cross country trip helped him perfect his freestyle rapping... "Nerdette" co-host Greta Johnsen proves why Virginia is NOT for lovers... Rapper Kevin Abstract gives us a dinner party soundtrack for time travelers... Writer Ottessa Moshfegh shares her favorite characters nostalgic for other eras... Plus, the fanciest way to eat beer for breakfast, the history of the Monopoly game, and the only Valentine's Day advice you need from an Emily Post descendant.