379: Katie Couric, Prentice Penny, Jens Lekman (w/ guest host Lauren Ober)

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Journalist Katie Couric is not flattered by her nickname of “America’s Sweetheart”… HBO’s “Insecure” showrunner Prentice Penny gives some “Upscale” advice… Swedish troubadour Jens Lekman throws a dance party in the Middle East… the creators of the hit Broadway musical “Come From Away” list some musicals based on real events. Plus, a divorce hotel, a new track from Slowdive, and the final round of Martini Madness!

Martini Madness Final Countdown: Manhattan vs. Gin and Tonic


Katie Couric on Annoying Nicknames and Getting Her Start in Radio

Guest of Honor

World-renowned journalist Katie Couric is best known from her years as a news anchor for every major TV network and as a former correspondent for "60 Minutes." These days she is Yahoo's global news anchor and she hosts her own interview podcast. The award-winning journalist talks with guest co-host Lauren Ober about stepping away from the camera and into the podcast realm, how her Sarah Palin interview possibly scared off a few potential interview subjects, and more.

Prentice Penny Swaps Politeness for Public Embarrassment


Prentice Penny is the showrunner for HBO's Golden Globe-nominated series "Insecure." He also wrote for network comedy shows like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Scrubs," and "Happy Endings." And on his new series, "Upscale with Prentice Penny," he steps in front of the camera. Learn a little more about the series, then let Prentice help you deal with that friend who texts a little too much and more.

Jens Lekman DJs A Middle Eastern Dance Party


Swedish musician Jens Lekman has become a legend in the indie world for his wry, alternately hilarious and heartbreaking pop tunes. Last year, he challenged himself to write a song a week... some of which evolved into tracks for his new album, "Life Will See You Now." It's his first record in five years. Here's Jens with a playlist mailed from the other side of the world.

'Come From Away' Writing Duo Highlight Their 3 Favorite True Story-Inspired Musicals

Guest List

Irene Sankoff and David Hein wrote the book and music for "Come From Away." It's a new Broadway musical based on a true tale that unfolded in the tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland. During the 9/11 attacks, 38 planes bound for New York had to land in Gander instead. So, the locals had to care for thousands of stranded passengers from around the world. Listen as they share a little more about their musical, before listing their favorite musicals of the stage and screen based on true tales.

Slowdive - 'Sugar for the Pill'

One For The Road

The dreamy U.K. band Slowdive announced their first album in 22 years. Here's the first single, called, "Sugar For the Pill."