392: Lake Bell, Ted Leo, and Not Dumplings

Actor-director Lake Bell turns her lens on marriage — the good, the bad, and the ugly… Author Jenny Zhang suggests a few super “sour” bites of culture… Punk Rocker Ted Leo brings us tunes that’ll make you dance and think… The Posts demonstrate how NOT to tick off your college roommate… And Brendan tries Kubeh for the first time (the New York restaurant and the Kurdish treat). Plus, Sherlock’s creator cracks a real-life case, Vivien Leigh’s copy of the “Gone With the Wind” script is up for grabs, and a new track from Grizzly Bear sets the perfect vibe for your weekend.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of the Innocent Man

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Around this time back in 1907, the greatest mystery writer ever took on a criminal case himself. Learn the history, then enjoy a curious cocktail.

Ted Leo Mixes a Playlist That'll Make You Dance and Think


Punk rock darling Ted Leo has been churning out anthemic, politically conscious music since the '80s, including six LP's with his acclaimed band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. This month, he releases his first solo album in 10 years called, "The Hanged Man." Listen as the musician picks songs by Michel Pagliaro, Steel Pulse, and more, for the soundtrack to your next politically aware party.

Lake Bell Shares How Her Marriage Influenced 'I Do...Until I Don't'

Guest of Honor

Lake Bell has one of the most interesting resumes in Hollywood. Most viewers know her as an actress -- she was lawyer Sally Heep on the series "Boston Legal" and she stars on the Netflix series "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later." Lake also writes, directs and stars in her own indie films. The latest being the comedy "I Do... Until I Don't." Rico talks with Lake about how she went from cynic to romantic while working on the film, how she incorporated experiences from her own relationship into the script, and more.

Don't Call 'Em Dumplings: A Crash Course on Kubeh

Main Course

Recently, Brendan went to a new restaurant in New York City that serves "kubeh," a Kurdish treat that is essentially a ball of dough made of bulgur or rice and filled with lamb, beef or vegetables. Chef Melanie Shurka, the owner of the restaurant, explains how she meticulously studied the different variations of kubeh to develop her own twist on the dish.

Jenny Zhang Shares 3 of Her Favorite Sour Bites of Culture

Guest List

Jenny Zhang's writing has been featured in publications like the New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, and Jezebel. She has two published collections of poetry, "Hags" and "Dear Jenny, We Are All Find." Her debut short-story collection, "Sour Heart," is available now.

Dinner With a Grizzly Bear

One For The Road

Chris Taylor, bassist of the indie rock band and cookbook author, shared a few song *and* recipe selections for your next dinner party.