386: Damon Lindelof, Phoenix, Farewell to Frank Deford

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Showrunner supreme Damon Lindelof (“Lost,” “The Leftovers”) hops into Rico’s hot tub time machine, then considers the paradoxes of fandom… The band Phoenix toasts a purring Bryan Ferry, video games in Japan, and the sounds of le cinema… We pay tribute to late great sportswriter Frank DeFord, who throws us some etiquette curveballs… Musician Lynn Castle recalls her proposal from a certain Phil Spector… And we learn about Gertrude of Arabia (sorry Lawrence)! Plus, naked school, Pluto’s origins, and a tasty joke from Tituss Burgess.

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From 'Planet X' to Pluto

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week, back in 1930, Pluto was officially named. And of course we don’t mean the Disney character.

Phoenix Spin Us a Très Cool Soundtrack


Phoenix's blend of rock, disco, and abstract lyrics has made their music the soundtrack for dance parties from Tokyo to their hometown of Paris. Their 2009 album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" went gold and won them a Grammy. Bandmates Thomas Mars and Laurent Brancowitz mix up a playlist of songs by Chick Corea, Bryan Ferry, and more for your next sushi soirée.

Damon Lindelof Finds Freedom in Limitations and Ponders the Paradoxes of Fandom

Guest of Honor

Damon Lindelof co-created the ABC series "Lost," which is widely considered one of the greatest TV shows ever. He also wrote installments of the "Alien" and "Star Trek" movie franchises. But most recently, he co-created HBO's "The Leftovers" Listen as Rico reminds him of their shared TV past and Damon reflects on what it's like to try to write a show with passionate fans.

Lynn Castle Recalls a Proposal She Was Wise to Turn Down


In the '60s, Lynn Castle was the go-to hairstylist for Los Angeles' music scene. The Byrds, Sonny and Cher, and the Monkees came to call her "the lady barber." She also cut a few tracks, but only a few saw the light of day. Now, she's back with her first-ever LP of her music. Listen as she recalls two of her early loves.

Who Was Gertrude Bell? 'Letters from Baghdad' Highlights the Explorer's Unsung Legacy

Chattering Class

Archaeologist and diplomat T. E. Lawrence's involvement in the Middle East during World War I was legendary, but another person of equal influence has kind of been forgotten in the history books (and on-screen). Her name was Gertrude Bell, and the directors behind a new documentary called "Letters From Baghdad" explain why she is the most important explorer you've never heard of.

The War on Drugs - 'Holding On'

One For The Road

By now, most people know The War on Drugs is the name of a band as well as controversial policy position. Their new album comes out in August, it's called A Deeper Understanding. Here's a new single from it -- called "Hold On."