Episode 357: Guillermo del Toro, Dave Barry, Jamila Woods

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Visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth”) celebrates bugs, monsters, and his FX Series “The Strain”… Comedian Dave Barry gives us etiquette advice and defends Florida… Actor Nicole Byer gets racially profiled by a child she babysits… Author Mark Greif lays out his case against exercise (and everything else)… rising R&B star Jamila Woods DJs your dinner party… Plus, “clean food,” a real-life tale of time-shifting, a timeless twist on the Dark n’ Stormy, and more!

The 11 Lost Days of September 1752

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Around this time back in 1752, everyone in America lost 11 days of their lives. Learn about the time-warp and wash it down with an orange-infused take on a Dark 'N' Stormy.

Jamila Woods Sets the Tone for an All-Night Backyard Bash


The R&B singer and poet, best known as a featured vocalist on standout tracks by Chance the Rapper and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, provides a chilled-out, funky playlist for a magical overnight gathering under the stars.

Monsters and Misanthropes with Guillermo del Toro

Guest of Honor

Mexican-born filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro makes horror-fantasy films, but they've brought him praise way beyond the world of genre fandom and a bunch of Oscar nominations. Rico spoke to him at the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art where there's now an exhibit of his own personal items, which includes everything from life-sized statues of Frankenstein's monster, to taxidermy, to movie collectibles.

Nicole Byer Shares Lessons From a Relationship With a Younger Man


Nicole Byer's new scripted comedy show, "Loosely Exactly Nicole," premiered this week on MTV, but she goes off-script to tell us about her relationship with a younger man and the things they taught each other -- about racial sensitivity, personal responsibility, and potty humor. And OK, yes, that younger man was a baby, but that doesn't mean that those lessons weren't heartfelt.

Dave Barry's Answer to All Your Problems? Mace.


Returning to answer your etiquette questions is one of our favorite guests: writer Dave Barry. His newest book is a love letter to his home state of Florida. He tells us why all of America is to blame for the wackiness of the state before handling questions on your vaguebooking friends and co-worker woes.

Mark Greif Lays Out his Case Against Everything

Chattering Class

Author, educator, and cultural critic Mark Greif is co-founder of the journal n+1, and his new book is a collection of essays, wherein he critiques foodies, talks about the death of the hipster, and has no less than three pieces on the meaning of life.

Joan Shelley - 'Cost of the Cold'

One For The Road

Joan Shelley is a Kentucky-based singer-songwriter who releases new music every September. Her latest is a single called "Cost of the Cold."