Episode 331: Gael Garcia Bernal, Molly Crabapple, Hannibal Buress

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Gael Garcia Bernal — a Golden Globe nominee for the series “Mozart in the Jungle” — goes from messiah to maestro… Comedian Hannibal Buress offers up etiquette advice for humans, from dogs… Illustrator and commentator Molly Crabapple likens drawing to dancing – to picking scabs… We tune into an offbeat holiday soundtrack, courtesy British song-smith Nick Lowe… And Rico sips some soup joumou – the hallmark of the Haitian New Year. Plus, the short-lived American Camel Corps, the one downside of “Master of None,” and more!

Sir Ian McKellen - 'Gap of Rohan'


Sir Ian McKellen, who talked about "naughty" Judi Dench and dispensed etiquette advice with us recently, gives us an icebreaker "Lord of the Rings" fans would enjoy.

Scientists Discover the Secret to Getting Pandas to Make Whoopie

Small Talk

Erin McCann, Staff Editor at the New York Times, explains that after trying everything from porn (yes, really) to matchmakers (it's true), scientists have finally discovered that pandas may need a little romance to get in the mood to procreate.


Exploring with the Camel Corps

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week back in 1855, the U.S. Congress funded one of the oddest military programs ever.

Nihar Patel Tells Us About the Netflix Show That Haunts Him Everywhere He Goes


Writer and director Nihar Patel has contributed to Vice, Bloomberg, and the TV series "The Rotten Tomatoes Show." He tells us about the many people who've asked him about "Master of None," which he'd rather never talk about again. Hear him tell the tale.

Gael García Bernal Goes From Messiah to Maestro

Guest of Honor

Gael Garcia Bernal was a TV star in his native Mexico from a very young age. And then broke into the international art house circuit with roles in the acclaimed films "Amores Perros" and "Y Tu Mamá También." He went on to star in movies like "Babel," "Rosewater," and "The Motorcycle Diaries." His latest project is a series for Amazon called "Mozart in the Jungle." The actor talks about his genius "Mozart in the Jungle" character, the rise of Mexican cinema... and then gets a bit of a reality check from Brendan.

Hannibal Buress Gives You Permission to 'Go Wild' in Canada


Hannibal Buress has written for loads of TV shows and he plays the lovable dentist on the hit series "Broad City." On Christmas Day, you can see him in the new movie "Daddy's Home." The comedian explains how unemployment prepared him for his freeloader "Daddy's Home" role and he answers listeners' etiquette questions with a bit of skepticism.

Molly Crabapple Draws Blood, Dancers and Detainees

Chattering Class

Molly Crabapple is an illustrator and activist whose work has appeared in Marvel comics, on protest posters for the Occupy movement, and she also traveled to Guantanamo to sketch the military hearings there. She just released a memoir called, "Drawing Blood." She reflects on her craft and what she learned from testing herself in "the naked girl business."

Soup Joumou: A Hatian New Year's Tradition With A Rich History

Main Course

Rico got a little ahead of himself this week and celebrated New Year's Day, but he sipped something without bubbles. It's called soup joumou. It's a soup with squash and macaroni that's traditionally eaten on New Year's Day in Haiti. And there's a really great reason for that. To learn about the soup and its history, he headed to the Haitian restaurant TiGeorges' Chicken in L.A.

Nick Lowe Unwraps Cool Yule Tunes

Guest List

Nick Lowe's newest album is "Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection For All The Family." It is a Christmas album designed to avoid the hokey, Perry Como style of seasonal music. We asked him to give us a holiday party soundtrack of other Christmas songs you're probably not sick of yet.