Episode 325: Brie Larson, Gloria Steinem, Raury

Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Actor Brie Larson, star of “Room,” talks about being trapped on a plane while passengers watch her movie… The esteemed Gloria Steinem answers etiquette questions and gives you permission NOT to smile… folk-hip-hop artist Raury DJs your dinner party in a futuristic forest… Mary-Louise Parker reads a letter from her new book (don’t call it a memoir!)… Plus, the Sistine Chapel’s reluctant artist paired with a bloody Italian cocktail, a new animal hybrid taking over North America, and more!

Kurt Vile - 'Yah Who?'


The rock musician, who recently gave us the perfect playlist for an easygoing dinner party, delivers a knock-knock joke. Try to contain your excitement.

Introducing the Coywolf

Small Talk

It's bigger than a dog, stronger than a coyote, and smarter than a wolf... and it's not shy about coming to your neighborhood. The Mash-Up Americans co-founder Rebecca Lehrer cautiously explains the "coywolf," a new animal species popping up in parts of North America.

The Sistine Chapel's Unwilling Artist

A History Lesson With Booze ®

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel might be Michelangelo's most iconic masterpiece, but when he was first offered the commission, he absolutely did not want the job. Learn all about it, and a fortifying drink to serve with it.

Raury DJs the Party of the Future


Raury is the 19-year-old musician who caught the eye of Kanye West with his mixtape "Indigo Child." With his debut album "All We Need," he blends folk and hip hop in songs that range from feel-good to political. The Georgia-born soul-folk wunderkind picks a playlist that takes us into the forest – and the future (3500, specifically). No word if Andre 3000 is invited.

Brie Larson Takes the Lead

Guest of Honor

The actress, who is known for standout character roles in films like "Scott Pilgrim Versus the World" and the Mark Wahlberg drama "The Gambler," is receiving Oscar buzz for her star turn in the critically acclaimed new film "Room." She talks to Rico about seeking out roles worth fighting for, the resilience of the human spirit and what it's like to be on a plane when the in-flight movie happens to star you.

Mary-Louise Parker Shares a Gift From Grandpa


Try not to tear up a little as Mary-Louise Parker reads a letter from her debut book, "Dear Mr. You," to the grandfather she never met.

Mary-Louise Parker: Woman of Letters


The "Weeds" star has earned just about every TV honor there is. Now she’s written an innovative collection of letters to the men in her life, real and imagined. She talks to Brendan about the beginnings of the book… and why it's not a memoir.

Gloria Steinem's Guide to Maneuvering Around Misogyny


Gloria Steinem was a founding editor of the hugely popular feminist periodical Ms. Magazine and for the past 30 years she has traveled the world speaking, educating, and organizing around feminism and other causes. She's also got a new memoir called "My Life On The Road." The feminist icon joins us to handle our listeners' etiquette questions and suggests "asking the turtle" in any dicey situation.

Chairlift - 'Ch-Ching'

One For The Road

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly are the duo behind Chairlift. Their new album, "Moth," comes out in January, but we can hear a track from it now called "Cha-Ching."