Episode 285: Wes Anderson, Dave Barry, and Real Estate

This Week: Filmmaker Wes Anderson on stoves that witnessed history… Humorist Dave Barry takes aim at your etiquette questions… Real Estate play party DJ… Lit phenom Helen Oyeyemi gazes into the mirror, mirror….And Noah Strycker opens up his bird-brain. Plus: wild camels roaming Texas, the strangest cleanse ever, and Mac DeMarco’s tuneful “Brother.”

“Hummingbirds” – Noah Strycker


Cheesy International Incidents

Small Talk

The European Union causes a stink about American cheese names.


Exploring with the Camel Corps

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week back in 1855, the U.S. Congress funded one of the oddest military programs ever.

Jersey Rockers Real Estate Broker a Perfect Party


Indie band Real Estate turn out to be dinner party pros. They share a soundtrack of songs lovingly plucked from their parents' old cd towers.

Wes Anderson's Journey to 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Guest of Honor

Filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for his distinctive style - but he tells us all he wants to do is something completely different.

Helen Oyeyemi Gives the Wicked Stepmother a Second Look


Helen Oyeyemi - a leading voice in British fiction, at only 29 years old - re-imagines the "Snow White" fable, and how wickedness takes root.

The Counter-Intuitive Ice Cream Cleanse

Main Course

Juice cleanses have been all the rage for years, but one ice cream shop wants you to scoop, not sip, all your nutrients for five days.

Dave Barry Sticks to his Guns: Humor and Ignorance


With new book titled "You Can Date Boys When You're Forty: Dave Barry on Parenting and Other Topics He Knows Very Little About," how could we not invite Barry back to advise on other topics he knows very little about, listener etiquette questions?

Noah Strycker's 'Thing with Feathers'

Chattering Class

Naturalist, artist, journalist, and author Noah Strycker has made a career - and the adventure of a lifetime - out of studying birds. His latest book suggests we might all benefit from paying attention to our feathered friends.

Bro-ing Out with Mac DeMarco

One For The Road

Mac DeMarco's slacker swagger and greasy guitar shine are in full effect on this preview single from his forthcoming record.