Episode 281: All-Food Special 2014

To celebrate Thanksgiving (and, even better, leftovers!) it’s our annual All Food Special. Featuring: Perfection on a sushi plate … Hot, spicy, and festive horseradish … Filmmaker Jim Jarmush gets corny … Jimmy Buffet makes an indie rocker cry … Trendy Filipino flavors  … Obsessive food Instagramming … A glimpse inside a restaurant kitchen … And the ‘Delicious’ life of Ruth Reichl.

“Bar Food” – Jim Jarmusch


Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Relive Nightmares for your Listening Pleasure


Detroit indie-popsters Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr give us a playlist designed to stimulate conversation - and cleanliness.

Hot, Bitter Horseradish Tears

Main Course

New York's The Pickle Guys have been making pickles - and horseradish - since 1910. Around Passover, things really heat up: they produce barrels and barrels of fresh horseradish.

Gumming-Up History

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week in 1891, Chicago entrepreneur William Wrigley began giving away bubble gum. Learn about how he turned this chewy afterthought into a billion-dollar model of marketing...and then blow bubbles in this custom cocktail.

Ruth Reichl's Art Imitates Her 'Delicious' Life

Chattering Class

Ruth Reichl has been one of America's foremost food writers since the '80s. She tells Rico about her new novel "Delicious!"... and why writing about food is *not* like dancing about architecture.

A Sous Chef, in the Heat of the Moment


Author and chef Michael Gibney has been working in some of the world's most renowned restaurants since age 16. His new book, "Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line" takes readers into the fast-paced world behind the kitchen door.

Five Filipino Foods to Try Right Now

Main Course

Food-trend followers are always looking for the next ethnic cuisine to bubble up into a trendy dining delight. Step aside Peru and Scandinavia, because the new hip dishes are coming from the Philippines.

B.J. Novak and the Food Photographer


In addition to the story B.J. Novak told us for the broadcast, he shared this second, equally internet-appropriate story, "The Man Who Took Pictures of Everything He Ate."

Noam Galai / Getty

Jiro Ono and the Pursuit of Sushi Perfection

Main Course

David Gelb, the documentarian who made "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" discusses his subject's passion for perfection and the secret to sublime sushi.

Chef Daniel Boulud Shares Casual Extravagance

Main Course

Star chef and restauranteur Daniel Boulud has a new cookbook of classic, rustic French fare. If he puts truffles on your potato, we suggest not pushing them to the side.

Spaceship to Table Agriculture

Small Talk

Reyhan Harmanci is the senior editor of Modern Farmer, so it makes sense that she brings us news of some very modern farming: growing food in space.