Episode 247: Amy Schumer, Errol Morris, & The War on Drugs

This week: Comedienne Amy Schumer secretly enjoys tea and reading … Errol Morris explains Donald Rumsfeld’s problems with reality … Actress Judy Greer steps into the spotlight, for a change … The War on Drugs’ Adam Granduciel invites Bryan Ferry and Humphrey Bogart to his party … The best milk for your coffee, from cow or nut … Freezing frenemies at the North Pole … A teen-girl cop who isn’t the set-up for a new sitcom … Not where but why Waldo buys those sweaters … And blowing the dust off a special vintage Britpop record.

'Waldo's Stripes' – Judy Greer


A joke regarding the sartorial selections of an iconic character of Western literature. You know... Waldo. Of "Where's Waldo."

A Citizen Citation - from a Little Citizen

Small Talk

John Spong, senior editor of Texas Monthly (previously a lawyer and possible outlaw) shares the story of Annie James, a Texas teen who caught a police car parked illegally and issued her own ticket.

Former Friends Fighting for (North) Pole Position

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1909, former friends Robert Peary and Frederick Cook became bitter rivals over competing claims to have lead the first expedition to reach the North Pole.

Fighting for Classic Rock with The War on Drugs


Classic-rock revivalists The War on Drugs have made a major breakthrough with their third record, "Lost in the Dream." The band is currently in the midst of a tour, selling out club after club across North America. Adam Granduciel, the man behind the band, offers up a dinner party playlist.

The Many Sides of 'Amy Schumer'

Guest of Honor

Comedian Amy Schumer's provocative style of humor has gained her a following, a Comedy Central series, and a stand-up special. She chats with Brendan about finding god in Paul Giamatti, the unique feedback she gets, and the freaks who run public radio.

A Sous Chef, in the Heat of the Moment


Author and chef Michael Gibney has been working in some of the world's most renowned restaurants since age 16. His new book, "Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line" takes readers into the fast-paced world behind the kitchen door.

Getting Steamed Up Over the Best Milk for Coffee

Main Course

Most of the latte you buy at a coffee shop is, as the name implies, milk. Serious shops know the importance of sourcing or making dairy and non-dairy milks that are truly worthy of topping your perfectly-pulled espresso.

Advice from Hollywood's BFF, Actress Judy Greer


Actress Judy Greer has had a prolific career in Hollywood, mainly playing best friends and sidekicks. Her new memoir offers winning insights into the character of a 'character actor.' She stops by to offer some friendly, supportive advice.

Errol Morris on Rumsfeld, McNamara, and Mapping the Truth

Chattering Class

For his new documentary, Errol Morris spoke to Donald Rumsfeld about the Iraq war and the former Defense Secretary's personal legacy. He describes it as "One of the most puzzling, frustrating interviews I've ever done."

I See the Rain, Marmalade

One For The Road

A vintage Britpop track this week to honor a popular Los Angeles DJ.

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