Episode 236: Timothy Olyphant, Rosanne Cash, and Carl Hiaasen’s Pizza Surprise

Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Entertainment
Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images Entertainment

This week: “Justified” star Timothy Olyphant says he’s just the help… Etiquette from Carl Hiaasen, chronicler of bad Floridian behavior… Rosanne Cash takes a trip into music & literary history… You can’t win ’em all – unless you’re the Harlem Globetrotters … Luxembourg gives it all away … Indie band Diane Coffee brews us a pot of songs … Fancy bibs for your fancy duds … Useless geometry … And scholarly advice on easing the transition for our inevitable robot overlords.

“Hidden Steak” – Steve Okonski


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The World's Most Generous Nation Revealed

Small Talk

Lizzie O'Leary of economics show Marketplace gives us a little lesson on international economics. Specifically, which countries are handing out the most cash.

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Losing for a Living, and Yet 'The Eternal Optimist'

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week in 1971, The Washington Generals, the hapless basketball counterpart to the Harlem Globetrotters, won their only game. Toast the biggest losers in sports history with a drink that keeps (hoop) hope alive.

Diane Coffee Pours Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner) Music


Shaun Fleming's Foxygen side-project Diane Coffee has just released a debut album. He and bandmate Steve Okonski travel the musical world to offer a soundtrack for parties - or doing taxes.

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Carl Hiaasen and the Vile Pizza Plot


Author and journalist Carl Hiaasen has a hard time coming up with fiction that is more bizarre than the real-life headlines of his native Florida. He offers some slightly-bizarre advice to our own listeners' real-life questions.

Rosanne Cash Learns About Partying with William Faulkner


Rosanne Cash's new record is inspired by the culture and history of the American South. She began her research at the most storied pottery shop in Mississippi.

Is the Next Hot Accessory... a Bib?

Main Course

DressTiez "clothing protectors" (aka bibs) serve a function which, heretofore, only napkins and eating like an adult were able to address: keeping one's lunch off of one's shirt.

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Timothy Olyphant: Carpool Lawman

Guest of Honor

As the star of "Justified," actor Timothy Olyphant plays a swaggering Wild West lawman. It's not the first time he's been cast as that type - but he tells Rico he's no one-trick pony.

Art Survives the Technological Revolution - But Your Job Might Not

Chattering Class

In their new book, "The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies," two MIT scholars predict a disruptive future - and tell us how to prepare.

Useless Geometry and Geography

One For The Road

A Sunny Day in Glasgow are not from Scotland, which might make their name useless for pinning down their origins - but, as they title their newest track, they are "In Love with Useless."