Guest List

Tough-as-Nails Heroes from Lee Child

With the *eighteenth* installment in the best-selling "Jack Reacher" thriller series hitting bookshelves this month, we asked the author to list a few fictional tough-guys who inspired his protagonist.

Comedy Interrupts Kurt Braunohler’s Life

Kurt Braunohler is a comedian and host of The K Ohle. He recently used Kickstarter to fund some silly skywriting as part of his over-arching goal of creating moments of whimsey or humor in everyday life. Here he names some other examples of injecting comedy into unexpected places.

Anna Gunn Ponders Breaking, Bad Romances

Actress Anna Gunn plays Skylar White - wife to Bryan Cranston's suburban meth kingpin - on AMC's "Breaking Bad." We asked her to list some other depictions of dysfunction...that worked.

Lucy Walker on Comebacks … with Complications

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lucy Walker's newest documentary, The Crash Reel, is about snowboarder Kevin Pearce who was side-lined from the sport after a devastating crash. Pearce desperately wants to get back on a board - even though it could mean risking his life. We asked Ms. Walker to list some other come-back stories.

Carl Hiaasen gets real with his favorite reality shows

Carl Hiaasen made his mark writing thrillers. But his recent children's book Chomp, is a coming of age story that doubles as a send-up of reality TV … so we had him bring us a list of his favorite somewhat ridiculous reality shows.