Guest List

Edan Lepucki’s Artifacts of California

Edan Lepucki's novel "California" centers on a couple who have fled a dystopic near-future Los Angeles. The author gives us a list of other art that captures the essence of her home state in all its darkly sunny weirdness.

Greg Poehler Finds His Swede Legs

The plot of Greg Poehler's new sitcom, "Welcome to Sweden" draws from his own life story, in which he found himself an ex-pat in a strange land. He shares a list of other fishes out of their native waters.

Colson Whitehead Deals Out Poker Lore

For his newest book, acclaimed author Colson Whitehead inserted himself deep into the world of high-stakes poker. He shares a list of poker inspirations from books and film.

Mimi Pond’s Risk-Taking Bohemians

Author and artist Mimi Pond's newest work is a graphic novel memoir of her bohemian life in 1970's Oakland. She kindly conforms to our request for an orderly list of her favorite depictions of bohemians from the era's pop culture.

Andy Daly’s Human Guinea Pigs

On Andy Daly's television show, he plays a journalist who will review any life experience - except this is a comedy show and his character isn't exactly Nellie Bly. In his gonzo list, he highlights others who have gone 'undercover' with comic results.

Beau Willimon’s Series of Schemers

The writer and show-creator behind "House of Cards" understands characters who are sly manipulators - and every bit as entertaining as they are cunning.

‘Broad City’ Besties Talk Fictional Friends

Comedy Central's "Broad City" is inspired by the real-life friendship of show creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. We asked the pals to share some other fictional duos with dynamics that inspire them.

Nick Lowe Unwraps Cool Yule Tunes

Nick Lowe's newest album is "Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection For All The Family." It is a Christmas album designed to avoid the hokey, Perry Como style of seasonal music. We asked him to give us a holiday party soundtrack of other Christmas songs you're probably not sick of yet.