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Actor Miles Teller Shares Quirky Pairs – and Pickles

In his new movie, actor Miles Teller plays a bad boy who falls for a good girl. It's a tale of opposites attracting - so Miles gave us some other quirky-perfect pairs.

Miles Teller / Getty Images

My name is Miles Teller, and the movie that I am in is called “The Spectacular Now.”

I play Sutter Keely, the popular guy at school. That guy that you want at the party. He’ll bring the keg, he’ll bring the girls. He’s just this very charismatic guy. And then [co-star] Shailene’s character is pretty much the exact opposite. She’s really kind of a wallflower. She’s not a nerd in a traditional sense, but she doesn’t have a lot of popularity, and she is really one of the first people to see me for perhaps who I am and not this facade that I put on.

Here are some other odd pairings that I have really enjoyed…

Bert & Ernie

Number one, I gotta go with Bert and Ernie. I imagine the first time I saw Bert and Ernie it was between the ages of 0 and 5, like all kids when they see Sesame Street. And I just remember I liked their banter. I thought they were witty. And they were always arguing but they were best friends.

I mean I imagine Bert, they grew up in the same town and maybe Bert was just riding his bike one day and his sister came along and saw Ernie and was like, “Hey Ernie, do you wanna be best friends with my brother Bert?” because that’s how I met my best friend Kyle when I was 7 years old. My sister went out there and introduced us.

Opposites attract and I think you can’t have two best friends that both talk a lot. At some point you need someone to listen. So I think they’re like the yin and the yang and they just complete each other.

Simon & Garfunkel

The number two odd couple: Simon and Garfunkel. They are completely opposite and that’s why their harmonies are so good. Garfunkel doesn’t get as much credit as he should. Simon obviously had the big solo career and he’s an incredible musician and lyricist but Garfunkel just coming in with those high harmonies, you can’t teach that.

I loved Garfunkel’s hair. I always thought he had sweet hair, and with a name like Garfunkel you have to have some pretty sweet hair. He’s attractive for a guy, in, like, a Garfunkel kind of way. As far as duos go in music, you got KC and Jojo, LL and the Cool J, and I think Simon and Garfunkel is just at the top.

Whiskey & Pickle Juice

And last but not least, the third weird pairing I would say is whiskey and pickle juice. They serve these shots in Brooklyn, it’s called a pickle back shot. It’s a shot of Jameson followed by a chaser of pickle juice. You would think “Oh, that’s disgusting,” but actually they go really well together. I think what makes the best pair is that they complement each other and you have to let the other one shine with their particular talent or skill or whatever they’re bringing to the table and you are able to do what you do best and together they just compliment each other. Individually they’re not as strong as they are together.