R&B Songstress Banks Casts a Spell on our Party

The dark R&B sound of Banks has made her an online favorite, and last month her debut album "Goddess" was a top twenty hit. Today she serves up bewitching soundtrack full of distinctive voices, and hypnotic beats.

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Hi. My name is Banks, and I have been asked to put together songs I would play at a dinner party. I am excited to share them with everybody. Here is my dinner party soundtrack…


Drake feat. Sampha – “The Motion”

If I were at a dinner party, I would want it to feel moody and little bit sexy. I think this song is that. “The Motion”, by Drake, featuring Sampha.

It’s one of my favorite songs by Drake, and I just love Sampha so much. He’s based out of the UK. One of the most soulful singers, I think, that is currently living on this planet. Just the two of them together, their flavors combining and the melody of the chorus is so simple and soft.

My dinner party would be a big, long, wooden table, with lots of flavorful people, dim lighting, smoke and witches in the background, stirring up some sort of hypnotized spell on you.

Movement – “5:57”

Number two is called “5:57”, and it’s by a band named Movement.

They’re from Australia, and they’re actually opening for me on this tour. The first I heard this song, I was on my tour bus. It was in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep because the road was so bumpy. I put it on and I was just in shock by it. It is so good.

The singer of this band, his name’s Lewis. His voice is so crunchy and that’s how I want my voice to always sound. Crunchy. It’s like a voice with all the best type of character: with emotion, with grit, with layers. You can feel different moods, different thoughts, within one word. Different tones within one note.

I’m their biggest fan. I have no shame with that stuff. They have cute little Australian accents. It’s great.

Majid Jordan – “A Place Like This”

The third track I would play is by an artist named Majid Jordan. It’s called “A Place Like This.”

Majid Jordan is a duo from Canada. One of them sings and one of them produces, and they are very intriguing to me…. It kind of goes with my witch theme, too. It says, “your wish, my command.” (laughs) It’s good. It’ll be inviting my guests at the dinner party to just get loose and hang with each other.

I love people’s brains. I love getting to know how people think, so I feel like, rather than asking the questions at a dinner party, I would probably be very observant, until I were to meet a particular person, a very intriguing person.

BANKS – “And I Drove You Crazy”

So, we’re going to close out my dinner party soundtrack with one of my own songs. It’s called “And I Drove You Crazy”.

(She sings: “And I drove you crazy, and I drove you crazy.”) It repeats the entire song, pretty much, and then the beat comes in and it just keeps doing it. I play the song at my live shows, and everybody sings the “and I drove you crazy” part with me. It’s meditative, almost. It’s kind of weird like that.