Episode 275: Joel Edgerton, Justin Simien, and Banks

This week: Aussie actor Joel Edgerton (“The Great Gatsby,” “Warrior”) dances into the spotlight with wildly different fall projects, including this week’s “Felony”… Filmmaker Justin Simien (“Dear White People”) explores the many shades of black identity, and talks etiquette with y’all… A be-witching soundtrack from electro-pop songstress Banks…Food falls from the sky!  Brendan opens his mouth… The strange backstories of fragrances, from cinnamon to ambergris… Chicago Cub fan Steve Bartman inspires a cocktail full of vitriol – and forgiveness… Plus, pay-per-laugh, a gourd joke, and new music from Foxygen.

Justin Simien - 'Pumpkin Measurements'


Justin Simien - the filmmaker behind the smash Sundance hit "Dear White People" (in theaters this week) - riffs on pumpkin proportions.

A Penny for your Laughs?

Small Talk

Erin McCann, assistant editor of The Guardian, tells us about an innovative pricing method at a Spanish comedy club: it's pay-per-smile.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Foul Play at Wrigley Field, and a Drink You'll Love to Hate

A History Lesson With Booze ®

On October 14th, 2003 one of the most infamous errors in baseball history took place. And it wasn't made by a player.

R&B Songstress Banks Casts a Spell on our Party


The dark R&B sound of Banks has made her an online favorite, and last month her debut album "Goddess" was a top twenty hit. Today she serves up bewitching soundtrack full of distinctive voices, and hypnotic beats.

Filmmaker Justin Simien Schools Us on Sloppy Slang, Dorm Room Rules


The Sundance-winning writer/director of the funny and provocative new film "Dear White People" -- about race relations at a private university -- tells us about uniting his many disparate personalities... then offers our listeners etiquette advice, y'all.

A Life Lived with Common and Uncommon Scents

Chattering Class

Mandy Aftel is a perfumer and explorer of smells across the world. Her new book is called "Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent" about the journey of following her nose.

Joel Edgerton on Lies, Guilt, and Our Need to be Loved

Guest of Honor

Australian movie star and screenwriter Joel Edgerton explores morality in "Felony" -- the tense indie thriller he stars in and wrote. He also touches on jumping into the "Olympic sized swimming pool" that is Ridley Scott's forthcoming Biblical epic "Exodus."

Falling Food is a Delicious Gift from the Sky

Main Course

Jafflechutes is Melbourne's first "float-down" eatery. Simply pay online, wait at the "X" at the designated time, and be ready to catch.

"How Can You Really" Resist This New Track from Foxygen?

One For The Road

Indie duo Foxygen's clever brand of catchy dance-pop shines through on "How Can You Really," from the new album "...And Star Power." Spin it and swing around your workplace.