Torres Spins a Soundtrack for a Casual Get Together… Or Somethin’ Sexier

With songs by Gal Costa, Portishead, and more, the singer-songwriter gives you some slinky and "kinda kinky" songs for your next party.

Photo Credit: Ashley Connor

Mackenzie Scott released her first album under the moniker Torres when she was still in college. Her personal lyrics and raw vocals continue to earn her critical acclaim. She’s just released her third album of emotional electronica, called “Three Futures.”

Listen to the audio above as she spins a playlist for a dinner party with a sensual vibe… and well-cooked fish.


Gal Costa – “Baby”

Torres: It’s so simple, really, but she just sings this chorus, it’s just [sings along] baby. You know, it’s… it’s one word. But, to me, if you can repeat one melody or one lyric over and over again with enough intention behind it to make somebody believe you, then I think you’re really on to something.

When I attend any sort of a social gathering I like when the mood starts sweeter, a little, you know, a little silly. Just to make people comfortable, I think, is really important. Before they’ve had a glass of wine or whatever it is. Personally, I’m… a bit socially awkward until I feel comfortable. And then I can get into the groove pretty well.

Portishead – “Strangers”

It has this relentless beat [mimics beat] uh, uh, uh, uh. And goes throughout the whole song apart from the moments where it breathes and it makes you think that it’s done and then it drops again. And it’s fantastic! And Beth Gibbons, you know, she has many iterations of her voice, but you always know that it’s her. I think that’s amazing, she still managed to be so singular.

This one it’s slinky. Kinda kinky. It gives the impression that it could end up being an orgy if someone were to suggest it [laughs]. You know, halfway through the dinner party is about where that vibe should come into play.

John Coltrane – “Catwalk”

This song, “Catwalk,” has this one line that repeats throughout the song [mimics the melody]. Ugh, it’s majestic. I mean, it totally hits the spot and it repeats the way that you want it to, which is super satisfying for me. Like, when I hear a melody that I love and it doesn’t repeat, it drives me crazy. And it actually culminates with a really strong finish with that melody at the end.

Torres – “Bad Baby Pie”

My intention [with this song] was that listeners would not really know whether I was talking about a dinner perhaps or something else.

I do not feel that up until this point I’ve really written anything that felt celebratory. Though I may not understand much — in fact, I feel like I understand less the older I get — there’s that craziness that tells me that it’s still so important to celebrate life and to celebrate the space that I’ve been given on this planet. It won’t be mine for long.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]