Wyatt Cenac Tells Us What Not to Say to a Mall Cop

The comedian and former “Daily Show” correspondent looks back at the time he was accused of stealing his own car. Really.

For four years, comedian Wyatt Cenac served up timely satire as a Daily Show correspondent. He’s now hatched his own show, “Night Train,” a surreal showcase for stand-up comedians and artists.

Earlier this year, Wyatt put out an album of his own stand-up material. It’s called “Furry Dumb Fighter,” and touches on difficult topics that feel especially relevant right now. Hear an excerpt from the album, in which Wyatt recounts an unfortunate run-in with a mall cop, in the audio above. [Ed. Note: we’ve left in uncensored expletive words in this segment since an expletive is at the center of the story.]

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