Wyatt Cenac Tells Us What Not to Say to a Mall Cop

The comedian and former “Daily Show” correspondent looks back at the time he was accused of stealing his own car. Really.

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For four years, comedian Wyatt Cenac served up timely satire as a Daily Show correspondent. He’s now hatched his own show, “Night Train,” a surreal showcase for stand-up comedians and artists.

Earlier this year, Wyatt put out an album of his own stand-up material. It’s called “Furry Dumb Fighter,” and touches on difficult topics that feel especially relevant right now. Hear an excerpt from the album, in which Wyatt recounts an unfortunate run-in with a mall cop, in the audio above. [Ed. Note: we’ve left in uncensored expletive words in this segment since an expletive is at the center of the story.]

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