WHYY extends Brotherly Love to The Dinner Party

The home of Rocky Balboa, the liberty bell, and America’s [first gridiron street system]( has now distinguished itself further — by joining the elite cadre of top-shelf cities airing The Dinner Party! Starting tonight, Saturday December 3rd, Philadelphians can hear the show on 90.9 [WHYY-FM]( Air time is 9pm. Tune us in as you cruise to your Saturday evening festivities, and you’ll arrive the better partier for it.
This is a particularly gratifying turn of events for expatriate Philadelphian — and Dinner Party co-host — Brendan Francis Newnam. His first-ever radio gig was as a researcher for Terry Gross’s Philly-based “Fresh Air.” Now he returns in audio form to the town that taught him [what a good sandwich tastes like]( He hopes to serve his homies well.
As for me, I hail from that other Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh, and since everyone outside the state mistakenly believes the two towns are right next to each other, I guess it’s a pseudo-homecoming for me, too. Cue [“Gonna Fly Now”]( and let’s *do* this.

  • Jim Carey

    Congratulations on bringing “Dinner Party” to WHYY Philadelphia. Really enjoy the show-keeps me current on what young people are thinking and doing these days. Also enjoy conversations and variety serious yet not argument inducing. The way you produce the show gives persons of all ages new ideas and confidence to move in reall world.
    Thank you for your work.
    Am 67 years old and live in Hockessin DE.

  • Nicole from Philly

    So excited that you have come to Philly! I got addicted to the download just before your Philly debut! Hopefully, you can do a spot on our Center City Restaurant Week. I know lots of cities do them and they are a great way for broke foodies like me to experience great meals. I’m sure you’ll put a new spin on it and I’d love to hear it!

  • Himanshu

    This is great! I’ve been telling my friends here in Philly about the podcast and linking it on my facebook account but now they get to listen to it on radio for themselves. I’m sure it’ll be a hit on WHYY. Keep it up!