WHYY extends Brotherly Love to The Dinner Party

The home of Rocky Balboa, the liberty bell, and America’s [first gridiron street system]( has now distinguished itself further — by joining the elite cadre of top-shelf cities airing The Dinner Party! Starting tonight, Saturday December 3rd, Philadelphians can hear the show on 90.9 [WHYY-FM]( Air time is 9pm. Tune us in as you cruise to your Saturday evening festivities, and you’ll arrive the better partier for it.
This is a particularly gratifying turn of events for expatriate Philadelphian — and Dinner Party co-host — Brendan Francis Newnam. His first-ever radio gig was as a researcher for Terry Gross’s Philly-based “Fresh Air.” Now he returns in audio form to the town that taught him [what a good sandwich tastes like]( He hopes to serve his homies well.
As for me, I hail from that other Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh, and since everyone outside the state mistakenly believes the two towns are right next to each other, I guess it’s a pseudo-homecoming for me, too. Cue [“Gonna Fly Now”]( and let’s *do* this.