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More About Bill Cosby with Mark Whitaker

An additional segment from Rico's interview with Mark Whitaker about his new biography of comedian Bill Cosby

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  • Andrew Curtis

    Rico and Brendan,
    Thank you for including this additional segment of the Mark Whitaker interview.

    It was particularly interesting to finally get some context about the more recent image view of Bill Cosby as the suddenly stereotypical “angry black man”.

    I’m 34 and this most recent image of has clashed so hard with everything I knew about him from my childhood that I have not known what to even do with the current perception or what to think about Mr. Cosby.

    Sadly, I found myself leaning towards only believing that this new Bill Cosby was the true Bill Cosby. This is sad because as a teacher of 12 years I should know that there are no simple people in the world. People are nuanced and our view of them should be nuanced as well.

    I can’t say that I agree with everything that I have heard Bill Cosby say in recent years, however, after listening to the expanded interview with Mark Whitaker, I can certainly understand why he feels the way he does. I can also appreciate that given the kind of person he is, the full an actual Bill Cosby, that the more people push at him, tell him he’s wrong, and expect him to apologize, the more he is going to become rooted in and emphatic about his position.

    Unsurprisingly, that makes Mr. Cosby very much like the rest of us when we believe we understand an issue and know we are right.