Dear Listeners,
There’re tons of exciting developments brewing in the DPDniverse. We’re pleased to get you up to speed.
– Firstly, big news for fans in the midwest: starting this week, The Dinner Party Download will air on 20 public radio stations in and around Minnesota — including KNOW-FM in the Twin Cities. Airtime is Friday nights at 6:20PM, right before “Marketplace.” We’re big fans of the land of Keillor, Westerberg and Prince, so to say we’re psyched is an understatement. But even more psych-tastic is what this means for fans in the rest of the nation. Namely…
It’s true: For at least the next three months, Minnesota wants its DPDtertainment every week. And that means all you podcasters get it every week too. Your deepest wishes and ours have been granted! Someone pour enough prosecco to get us all mildly tipsy.
A few things about our new schedule:
The current biweekly podcast will remain as it is – the 20 minutes of audio awesome you know and love.
But every *other* week you’ll receive the show we’ve created for the radio – a slightly different Dinner Party Download.
Each of these episodes will feature a new Guest of Honor, a re-imagined Small Talk segment (this one featuring newsmakers from around the media world, not just Marketplace), fresh banter, and highlights from past icebreakers and cocktails. That’s right – we’re going to rerun some past segments. Why? Because our new radio audience won’t have heard some of our favorite bits. When the guests come over you bring out your best china, yes? (This’ll also make the show possible to produce weekly with a total staff of two guys and a huge vat of coffee.)
To recap:
– The Dinner Party Download will now be heard Friday nights at 6:20PM ON THE ACTUAL RADIO in the Minnesota region.
– The Dinner Party Download podcast will now arrive weekly!
– The Dinner Party Download still has a crush on you.
And there’s more to come: We’ve been invited to do a whole bunch of new stuff (segments on other shows, live events, etc.), and we’re also planning on making our new segment available to stations around the country – something we hope you’ll help make possible when the time comes.
Last Thing:
We’ve been doing this as a labor of love for the past coupla years. Now that our company has agreed to distribute us it’s becoming our job. That means we cost people money now, which in turn means we’ll be needing your support. In the next couple of weeks we’ll unveil a campaign that’ll let you tip us a few bucks for a job well done. This will be a major help – and it’s the best way to prove to the public media system that you think shows like the DPD are worth producing.
But enough of future plans. Right now, feel free to plan twice as many dinner parties, ’cause you’re about to become twice as victorious per month.
Brendan and Rico