Vote for Best Icebreaker of ’11

This week, ’tis the season to delight you with our favorite segments and interviews of the year: we’re currently assembling our annual “Best Of” episode!!
(Seriously, this episode is all about delighting you. It’s not at all about taking a coupla days off for the holidays)
(OK, it’s both)
Every year we enlist our listeners’ help in deciding which of our show-opening “Icebreaker” jokes was the best of the year. Post your votes below, won’t you? And if you need your memory jogged, you can sift through the contents of this year’s episodes [here](
(Note: *Don’t* use [our “All-Icebreaker” episode from last August]( as a guide — some of those jokes aired in 2010)
Thank you, and may the best — or, more realistically, the least groan-inducing — Icebreaker win.

  • Kathryn

    What’s brown and sticky?!!
    thank you for my new favorite joke
    Happy 2011!

  • Alyssa

    please please say the penguin joke was from this year. (guy gets pulled over with 12 penguins in his car…)

  • Selena

    My husband claims he brought that joke (“what’s brown and sticky?”) to America (from Scotland). He makes this claim loudly…and at wedding rehearsal dinners…with pride…

  • Rico

    Alas, Alyssa, that’s not only *not* from this year, it’s from like 2008! We agree it’s a standout, though. Or at least, obviously, memorable. Check the link above to sift through this year’s episodes and pick an ’11 winner…

  • Rico

    Hm. But is that a vote for or against?

  • Julia

    Too many cheetahs!

  • Beth

    I vote for the “frayed knot” joke from ep 125 — love those puns!

  • Bonnie

    A string walks into a bar,,, 12/02

  • Norm De Plume

    A termite walks in a bar and says “Is your bar tender here?” The waitress reply “Why WOODEN he be?” :p

  • Stacey

    “String walks into a bar…”