Tonight: The Current joins the Party

Heads up, midwest. Minnesota’s “The Current” — among the best modern music stations in the country — is airing the latest episode of “The Dinner Party” tonight at 9pm. Who cares if it’s supposed to get down to 37 degrees in MN tonight? Warm yourself by the radio and pretend the weekend’s just beginning.
The Current is 89.3 FM in the Twin Cities. Or [click here]( for more frequencies around the state.

  • Karine

    Enjoyed your show! I hope it’s on every week on The Current.

  • Rico

    Why thanks, Karine! You can help make that happen by dropping The Current a line (by clicking [here]( and telling ’em you think they’re swell for airing such an awesome show.

  • Chris

    Hi all. Have been a fan of you guys pretty much since the beginning. But I’m not sure I’m a fan of the format change. I liked how the old format was succinct and focused, with its core conceit of being there to help us win our next dinner party. Quick to get into and easily digestible, so to speak.
    While you guys remain very funny and the guests always interesting and entertaining, I feel the show drags a bit now, feels more scattered, and has less to set it apart from other variety-type podcasts (or however you’d describe this particular genre).
    I waited a while before posting this to see whether I’d come around to the new show format — hasn’t happened yet. I can tell from other comments here that there are some folks out there who do appreciate the new direction, so I may be in the minority here. In any case, I just figured I’d offer my thoughts in hopes they can provide some useful feedback.