The New DPD Store!

When I worked as a research assistant for Fresh Air with Terry Gross, I was in awe of her ability to illicit great information from her guests, but mostly I was in awe of all of the free stuff she got. Books, cds, movies, Faberge eggs, gold bricks, it was incredible. You might be surprised to hear this, but here at the DPD we don’t get as much free stuff as Terry. We suspect it’s a post office problem, but it could be because people are more eager to get on Fresh Air than our show. That seems crazy, though.

Anyway, Rico and I buy the stuff we dig and now you can too. We set up an online store stocked with lots of the books, music, movies, and other stuff we talk about on our show. The prices are Amazon cheap, and the nice part is that every time you buy something, a bit of it goes to support public radio.

(NOTE: Unfortunately, Amazon does not sell booze.)

So if you dig the stuff you hear about on the show, now you have a one-stop shop where you can buy it. P.S. If you’re Terry Gross, I have your copy of The Corrections¬†and I promise to get it back to you as soon as I can.