Emily Mortimer’s ‘Doll & Em’ Puts Friendships on Display and to the Test

Emily Mortimer played the wealthy, cheated-upon wife in Woody Allen's "Match Point and appeared in the Martin Scorsese films "Shutter Island" and "Hugo." But her latest project is a TV series, the comedy "Doll & Em," which she created with her best friend, Dolly Wells. The actor puts friendships under the lens, examines the trend of actors giving meta-performances, and why dogs in Shakespeare's work might been a bit of pandering.

Uzo Aduba Examines the Absolute Truth of her ‘Orange’ character

Uzo Aduba was known mainly as a Broadway actress -- she starred in the revival of the musical "Godspell" a few years back. But these days she's known for her deeply sympathetic portrayal of Suzanne, a.k.a. "Crazy Eyes," on the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black." The actress digs deep into her character's love-based pursuits, reveals her most unconventional fan interaction, and asks to keep her pie.

Weird, Wonderful Talk Shows, Handpicked by Chris Gethard

For years, actor and comedian Chris Gethard hosted the cult favorite public access TV show, "The Chris Gethard Show." Now his show is on the Fusion network, and he tells us about some of the twisted, hard-to-categorize variety shows that shaped his tastes.