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Restoring a Van Gogh… Ear

We are all ears (sorry) for a story about an artist/scientist who has re-grown Vincent Van Gogh's famously severed ear.

Noah Strycker’s ‘Thing with Feathers’

Naturalist, artist, journalist, and author Noah Strycker has made a career - and the adventure of a lifetime - out of studying birds. His latest book suggests we might all benefit from paying attention to our feathered friends.

Sam Harris: Honestly

Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris' new book explores his twenty year experiment in 'radical honesty' and discusses how even casual lying undermines human relationships.

Taking a (Slow) Walk in Love

Reyhan Harmanci, executive editor of the food/culture magazine Modern Farmer, tells us about love, walking, and the evolutionary justification for spending Friday night at home with Netflix.

Does Stumbling Make You Smarter?

Evan Goldstein, editor of the intellectual online hub Arts & Letters Daily, says we may be unintentionally allowing the internet to rob us of Unintentional Knowledge.