Joy Williams’ Spirited Dinner Party Soundtrack

Singer-songwriter Joy Williams, half of the late great Grammy-winning duo The Civil Wars, is about to release her latest solo effort, "Venus." She provides us with a playlist for the kind of dinner party that features comfort food and air-drumming.

The Triumphs and Tragedies of Nina Simone Through the Lens of Liz Garbus

Nina Simone, known as the "high priestess of soul," has returned to the zeitgeist recently and is the subject of a new documentary released this week on Netflix -- the first they've ever commissioned -- called "What Happened, Misss Simone?" The film's director, Liz Garbus, talks with Brendan about the singer's brilliant musical talent, her struggle with bipolar disorder, and her passion for the civil rights movement.

Colleen’s Chill Playlist for a Laid-Back Dinner Party

French musician Cecile Schott, who performs under the name Colleen, has composed six albums of instrumental music featuring an ancient string instrument called the Viola da Gamba, layered with electronic effects. Pitchfork says several tracks on "Captain of None," her new album, "positively vibrate with melodic ideas." Here's Cecile with a chill party playlist.