Elvis Costello Chronicles A Legendary Career in His Own Words

Rock 'n' roll Hall-of-Famer Declan MacManus -- a.k.a. Elvis Costello -- rose to fame in the seventies with classic power pop hits like "Pump It Up" and "Watching The Detectives." Then he started exploring the Motown sound, country, jazz, classical and art music... along the way collaborating with just about every music legend ever. He talks to Rico about his massive memoir, "Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink," in which he recalls the start of his love affair with music, his father's influence, and "touring" with The Clash.

Tony Bennett & Bill Charlap’s Tribute to a Great American Composer

Bill Charlap is one of the top jazz pianists and bandleaders in America. And Tony Bennett... well, in his almost 70 years as a musician, he's released over 70 albums, won 18 Grammys, and a couple of Emmys, and is one of the greatest singers ever of American jazz and pop standards. He and Charlap just released "Silver Lining," an album of songs by the composer Jerome Kern and the two talk to Rico about Kern's work, finding satisfaction as an artist, and Bennett's unwavering love of San Francisco.

Kurt Vile’s Easygoing Party Playlist

Kurt Vile co-founded the band The War On Drugs, then launched a solo career so successful that his hometown of Philadelphia declared August 28 "Kurt Vile Day." Grantland calls him "One of the most talented rockers of his generation." His new album, called "b'lieve i'm goin down..." is out now. He gives us a few tracks to float along with at your next dreamy dinner party.

Suburban Lawns – ‘Janitor’

Suburban Lawns were a post-punk band from Long Beach, California in the late '70s early '80s. They only released one, celebrated album and a few weeks back, the label Futurismo released it again. Here's a track from it called "Janitor."

Dungen – ‘Akt Dit’

Swedish psych-band Dungen have a new album out titled "Allas Sak," which Google tells us, means "Everyone's thing." It's certainly been our thing the past couple of days. Here's the album's first single, "Akt Dit."

Run The Jewels Mixes Meows And Beats For Humor and Charity

Killer Mike and El-P are the hip-hop duo "Run The Jewels." They're adored by fans and critics alike for their menacing beats and dexterous wordplay. They've released two acclaimed albums... neither of which could've prepared us for the one they dropped this week. The two talk to Brendan about their fan-driven project, "Meow The Jewels," juxtaposing goofiness and seriousness, and why you shouldn't ask about the state of hip-hop.

The Mantles – ‘Doorframe’

The Mantles are a pop group that call the Bay Area home. They have a new album coming out on October 16 called "All Odds End." Here's the album's lead track, "Doorframe"