5 Tips for a Successful New Year’s Eve Party

Rico and Brendan joined Minnesota Public Radio to provide sage advice on how to have a successful New Year’s Eve… and how to nap. MPR News summarized their tips in a tidy easy-to-remember list:

1. Pick your guest list like you’re casting a movie. The right combination of personalities is critical for a winning party. Make sure to add some wild cards into the mix, but steer clear of too wild.

2. Don’t fall asleep. If you plan to stay up to watch the clock strike midnight, plan ahead. Try a disco nap before the party. If you’re hosting, offer guests coffee or espresso to keep energy high.

3. Turn on the TV five minutes before midnight. Avoid putting the TV on too early because it will distract guests. After the countdown, turn it off to resume conversation.

4. Be kind, step aside. New Year’s Eve is often referred to as “amateur hour,” so prepare to run into people who had too much to drink. It’s easier to step aside, avoid judgment and be on your way.

5. Don’t plan on staying overnight at a party. If you’re drinking, have a sober driver, take public transportation or prepare to wait for a taxi. If you’re sober but scared of other drivers on the road, don’t impose on your host.