BONUS: Family Tensions Boil Over in Nicole Dennis-Benn’s Latest Tale

The Jamaican-born author shares another excerpt from her critically acclaimed novel, "Here Comes The Sun."

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Photo Credit: Jason Berger
Dennis-Benn cover

In July, author Nicole Dennis-Benn stopped by to read an excerpt from her debut novel “Here Comes The Sun,” which explored identity, sexuality, and what people risk by being out in Jamaica. While she was in our studio, the author shared another riveting tale from the book, which you can hear in the audio above.

“In this scene I’m about to read you’ll meet Delores, the mother, and her two daughters Margot and Thandi,” Nicole explains. “Margot works at the hotel as a hotel clerk, but by night, she prostitutes herself to help her sister afford school so that [Thandi] can pull the family out of poverty. Margot and Delores place all their hopes and dreams in Thandi.”