Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline Cues Up a Slumber Party Playlist

The singer-songwriter sets a comfortable vibe with tunes from Liz Phair, Anna McClellan, and more.

(Photo Credit: Matthew James Wilson)

Greta Kline is the woman behind the indie-pop project Frankie Cosmos. Most of the songs on their latest album, “Next Thing,” are under two minutes long, but they’re packed with dreamy vocals and lyrics that Pitchfork says can “puncture your heart in the span of a sentence.”

Here she is with a playlist for the next sleepover with a few fluffy guests.


Anna McClellan – “Pull the Pin”

Greta Kline: The first song that I would play is called “Pull the Pin” by Anna McClellan. I think it would be good to start the party because the first line is: “God I am so hungry waiting for my food.”

I just came back from a tour that we did where Anna opened for two weeks playing solo. She plays piano. And I really look up to the way that she sings. Her voice is super bouncy and strong. It’s like a rubber ball. Some of her piano parts are really silly and then it becomes really loud and intense. Sometimes it feels like a musical. It’s really beautiful and it makes me feel like a dork.

I think the party would be happening at my parents’ house because my parents’ house is very comfortable and I always joke that there is Ambien coming through the vents, just trying to put me to sleep. So I think my dinner party might also be a slumber party. Stuffed animals. Puzzles. Really tame. And I want it to be all women.

Liz Phair — “Girls’ Room”

So my next song that I would play is Girls’ Room by Liz Phair. My mom just loved Liz Phair ,and every time I was ever in a car with my mom we would listen to this.

To me, it feels like it’s a song about being a younger kid and older sister, older female friend’s slumber party, feeling part of it and feeling welcomed and also looking at the situation and probably thinking it [laughs] is what I would be doing at the party.

Krill – “Oppressor”

My third song is “Oppressor” by Krill. They have always been a three piece. I think “Oppressor” has one of my favorite bass solos ever.

It’s like a dueling almost bass and guitar solo that’s just the most unreal thing. I’ve heard this song a million times and every time it’s still exciting. It’s more interesting. More stuff unfolds.

Frankie Cosmos — “Be Normal Frankie”

I’m definitely poking fun at my guests because I’m taking away the fun time that we’re having and just reminding them of all the bad things in the world and calling everybody there an oppressor if they’re having fun. I generally wouldn’t perform live at my own dinner party but I probably would feel really comfortable at this party and maybe I’d be able to play my song called “Be Normal Frankie.”

It’s a song that I wrote about feeling like you have to conform to fit into a party setting. So I think it’s a good song to remind myself like, “This is a really good party and I don’t feel peer pressure and I don’t have to keep it cool.” I hate that [laughs].

[Ed. note: Greta ended her playlist with a track from the band’s 2013 album “I’m Sorry I’m Hi Let’s Go.” Hear a few tracks from their latest album, “Next Thing,” in the Spotify Playlist below. ]