Fish Drinks: Listeners take the bait

*In our last episode, Brendan lamented the relative dearth, in the bartender’s canon, of “fish drinks” — cocktails with a fish component. After all, last year saw an explosion of interest in bacon-infused cocktails. Why not fish-infused? Especially since — this is my argument — fish are salty, like bacon, and salt+booze = awesome?*
*We asked our listeners to hep us to fishy tipples, and we were alternately intrigued and appalled by their responses. Feel free to add more in the comments, below. /RG*
Matthew Conover, New York
You dudes asked for a fish cocktail. I had one that’s kinda close.
It was mezcal, plus a chaser made with the drippings from ceviche. The mezcal was smooth and the chaser was very spicy. They went together perfectly.
[Here’s a picture.](
These guys made it: [](

Marc Chipault — Wisconsin
Wanted to draw your attention to the “Chubby Mary.” It’s basically [a Bloody Mary served with an entire smoked chub garnish]( It’s served at [The Cove restaurant]( in Leland, MI (an historic fishing village on Lake Michigan).

Sarah Peel — Beijing, China
There’s always the Canadian classic cocktail, [the Caesar]( Think a Bloody Mary with clam. It’s fantastic.

Paul Maas – Michigan
Fish drink: “The Oysterbroid.”
First, start with an Ambroid — a shot glass of tequila with yellow mustard around the rim. This is named after a brand of model airplane glue.
Add a smoked oyster.
Both these drinks were invented by a stock broker in Vero Beach, Florida, who shall remain nameless.
Ambroids are actually quite good, especially if you’ve already had too much tequila.