Speakeasy Special #4: Peter Capaldi, Alice Cooper, Adrian Tomine

Surprise! It’s a new “Speakeasy” — our occasional, off-the-cuff, slightly profane, online-only series in which we give you a peek behind the scenes at the making of the DPD… and give a listen to some of the great stuff we had to leave on the cutting room floor.

This time around: never-before-heard snippets of actor Peter Capaldi — the Time Lord himself — yearning for alien pies… and rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper chatting about his induction into a different hall of fame. You’ll also hear a preview of our interview with Emmy and Tony-winning actor Mary-Louise Parker, who is either a vampire or perpetually trapped in a force field. Plus: Adrian Tomine tells us how one magazine is responsible for people mispronouncing his name FOREVER.