389: Alan Alda, Mitski, and a $12 Million Card Trick

Photo courtesy of Alan Alda

Alan Alda offers up etiquette advice (including when it’s OK to punch someone)… comedy duo the Lucas Brothers show us how to cheat at driver’s tests… rocker Mitski provides a party playlist for people who don’t party… Jody Avirgan and Rose Eveleth of ESPN’s “30 For 30” tell a tale of a $12 million card trick… And Rico revisits the dumpling of his Pittsburgh youth — the Polish pierogi. Plus, 300,000 missing umbrellas, the history of UK’s food rationing, and a new track from Maya Killtron.

The UK Celebrates the End of Rationing

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Sixty-three years ago this month, the United Kingdom marked the end of an era. Learn a little about WWII food meat rationing and get a pork-infused cocktail recipe to celebrate!

Mitski Crafts a Playlist Fit for a Jazz Snob


Mitski Miyawaki (aka Mitski) started her career while attending SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, where she self-released her first two albums. Her fourth album, "Puberty 2," was named Pitchfork's Best New Music. Here she is with a playlist even the biggest jazz snob can enjoy.

Alan Alda Gets Passive and Punchy with Etiquette


Alan Alda is beloved for starring as "Hawkeye" Pierce on one of the best TV shows of all time, "M*A*S*H." He was a regular on another great show, "The West Wing," and he hosted the PBS series "Scientific American Frontiers" for over a decade. He's also releasing a new book to help us all communicate better. Listen as he tries to solve our listeners' etiquette woes on thankless relatives and more.

The Lucas Brothers Use Their Twin Powers to Fool the DMV


The comedy duo, whose special "On Drugs" is on Netflix now, explain why we should never let them give us a lift.

'30 for 30' Team Tease a Tale of a Gambler Scorned

Chattering Class

ESPN recently launched a sports podcast called "30 for 30," based on their celebrated documentary series of the same name. Each episode is dedicated to a different sports story. Brendan sat down with editor Jody Avirgan and producer Rose Eveleth to talk about an upcoming episode featuring an unassuming woman who took sweet revenge on casinos by utilizing the decorative patterns on the back of cards to her advantage.

Rico Gets a Primer on Pierogies

Main Course

We've sampled many a dumpling on this show, but somehow, we haven't talked about the dumpling of Rico's youth: the Polish pierogi. Listen as he goes back to his hometown of Pittsburgh to visit a shop renowned for their take on the treat and learns a little more about the dish from Beth Kracklauer of the Wall Street Journal.

Maya Killtron - 'Whiplash'

One For The Road

Toronto's Maya Killtron says her latest retro-funk tune was inspired by a childhood memory of hearing Michael Jackson on the radio for the first time, while washing the family car. We suspect Prince was in the mix somewhere too. This is called "Whiplash."