Episode 336: Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Slate, Father John Misty, Lena Waithe

It’s a special live(ly) edition of the DPD, recorded in front of a sold-out L.A. crowd! Actor Jason Schwartzman revisits his “Rushmore” audition… Comedian Jenny Slate talks Marcel the Shell and Michael Dukakis the Hottie… Father John Misty plays a few party-stopping songs… And TV writer-producer Lena Waithe (currently starring in “Master of None”) tells the tale of becoming her girlfriend’s first girlfriend. Also on the menu: questionable etiquette advice, a crash course in election-season “hispandering,” and a joke that’s so corny, it’s golden.

Teyonah Parris – 'Carrots'


Watch below as the "Mad Men" and "Chi-Raq" actor shares a soup-er corny icebreaker, which aired during our Midwinter Revue in Los Angeles in January. She chatted with Brendan about her role in "Chi-Raq."

Political 'Hispandering' 101 and the Most Boring Epic Film Ever

Small Talk

Shereen Marisol Meraji, who reports on race issues for NPR's "Code Switch" team, breaks down the clunky and corny ways politicians have been trying to court Latino voters. She also shares the story of one man's quest to get back at the British Board of Film Classification by making them watch paint dry for 607 minutes. Yes, really.

Jason Schwartzman Reveals His Classical Connections and a Little ‘Rushmore’ Trivia


You know Jason Schwartzman from a million things, but you probably first saw him playing Max Fischer in the movie "Rushmore." That was the first of his many collaborations with director Wes Anderson, which include "The Darjeeling Limited" and "Moonrise Kingdom." He's also starred in films from "I Heart Huckabees" to "Saving Mr. Banks." He gives us some behind-the-scenes insight on his Golden Globe-winning series "Mozart in the Jungle" and reveals how a public radio legend gave him his big break in "Rushmore."

Lena Waithe, Romantic Master-mind


Lena Waithe was named one of Variety's 10 comics to watch in 2014. She's also a producer of films like the Sundance hit "Dear White People," and of a new drama series about her native Chicago, coming to Showtime. Right now, you can see her on Netflix playing Aziz Ansari's wisest pal Denise, in the series "Master of None." She shares how a general business meeting turned into something a little more serious.

Lena Waithe Wants to Write Television That 'Helps the Way We Relate to Each Other'


After Lena told her tale of how a general business meeting turned into an amazing love story, we heard the sound of sixteen hundred people falling for the actor, writer and producer in the form of uproarious applause. Learn how "A Different World" sparked Waithe’s drive to become a TV writer and how she hopes to inspire little girls to know the world is bigger than their own backyard.

Jenny Slate Talks Marcel the Shell, Michael the Hottie, and Reggie the Dog


Jenny Slate had appeared on TV shows like "Parks and Rec" and "Kroll Show." In 2014, she starred in the Sundance hit "Obvious Child," for which she won a Critics Choice award. She also co-created and performs the voice of the beloved animated internet star "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On." The comedian tells us about being the child of "art farts," her undying crush on Michael Dukakis, and the crazy circumstances that led her to find her canine companion.

Jenny Slate, Jason Schwartzman, Lena Waithe, and Father John Misty Give Lessons in Etiquette


Each week, we bring in guests to tell our listeners how to behave and we got a lot of help for our live show. Jenny Slate, Jason Schwartzman, Lena Waithe, and Father John Misty all squeezed together onto our interview couch-of-honor to answer etiquette questions from our audience. From the perfect place to break up to why it's so annoying to be an adult, our guests covered it all with wisdom... and a little absurdity.

Father John Misty Goes Full Rock 'N' Roll at our Dinner Party


Father John Misty drummed and sang with the band Fleet Foxes. But his solo albums -- full of cynical, yet heartbreaking folk-rock songs -- have made him an indie star. The musician sings a little lobby music, destroys our live show set, and suggests you play perhaps one of the most offensive songs we've heard at your next gathering

Jenny Slate and Jason Schwartzman Take on 'Goodfellas'

Web Extra

Slate channeled Marcel the Shell to fill Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito shoes while Schwartzman played it straight in Ray Liotta's role as Henry Hill for a parody of the classic mobster film we'll call "Goodshellas."

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