Episode 324: Carrie Brownstein, T.J. Miller, Colin Hanks

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Indie rock god Carrie Brownstein on the troubles and triumphs of touring, as outlined in her new memoir… “Silicon Valley” star TJ Miller recommends wedding gifts for the budget-conscious (make sure you have your tetanus shot!)… Actor and first-time director Colin Hanks guides us through the rise and fall of Tower Records… Rising opera star Stephen Costello surprises us with a mostly opera-less dinner party soundtrack… Cocktalian Cari Hah charms us with a Chinese sorghum spirit… And just in time for Halloween, a history of one of the English language’s most mischievous phrases!

Colin Hanks - 'Red Bucket'


Actor Colin Hanks, who talks to us about his directorial debut, shares a colorful icebreaker with a little absurdity.

Rudeness Is Bad for Our Health

Small Talk

Atlas Obscura's Reyhan Harmanci politely explains that rudeness among medical staffers has devastating effects on patients. Here’s to harmony in hospitals.

The Drunken Night of Debauchery That Inspired an Idiom

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Just in time for a rambunctious Halloween weekend, find out about the night so rowdy, it changed the way we describe rowdy nights. Then wash it down with a strong cocktail that'll paint your tongue red.

Stephen Costello Takes You From MJ to Verdi


Stephen Costello is one of the rising stars of the opera world. You can catch him now at New York's Metropolitan Opera in a production the New York Classical Review says, "Should remain in rotation for as long as people listen to Sinatra." He delivers an eclectic mix of tunes for dinner parties and divas alike.

The Music and Moments That Made Carrie Brownstein

Guest of Honor

Back in 1994, Carrie Brownstein co-founded Sleater-Kinney -- a blazing all-woman rock trio that made a huge impact on critics and the indie rock scene. Their debut record, "Dig Me Out," landed on Rolling Stone's list of The Greatest Albums of All Time. Then, in 2006, Carrie left the group, and along with comedian Fred Armisen, co-created the hit sketch-comedy show "Portlandia." In her new memoir, she reflects on trying (and failing) to survive on rock and roll alone.

Baijiu Breakdown: Get a Lesson on the Chinese Aromatic Alcohol

Main Course

Rico gets a very hands-on crash course on the pungent and potent Chinese liquor, from Los Angeles cocktail star Cari Hah -- who developed an entire baijiu-centric menu for L.A.'s Peking Tavern.

You're Not Supposed to Be Like T.J. Miller


T.J. Miller made his name as a stand-up comedian and he's lent his dulcet voice to the animated film "Big Hero 6" and to a ball of mucus in Mucinex commercials. But lately he's earned raves and a Critics' Choice Award for his lead role on the HBO sitcom "Silicon Valley." As this week’s etiquette guru, he comes laden with wisdom… and a rusty old tin cup.

5 Takeaways from Tower Records' Wild Times and Fast Fall

Chattering Class

Actor Colin Hanks is known for roles in films like "Orange County," and in television series like "Fargo" -- for which he earned an Emmy nomination. The Sacramento native makes his directorial debut with "All Things Must Pass," a documentary about the rise and precipitous fall of Tower Records.

Playlist 324


All the music from episode 324.