Episode 274: Jenny Slate, John Waters, and First Aid Kit

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This week: Filmmaker, writer, and ‘Pope of Trash’ John Waters offers etiquette advice, naturally… Jenny Slate, star of the film “Obvious Child,” says ‘complicated’ and ‘comedy’ can coexist… Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit bring board games and tacos to their dinner cozy party … When we’re hungry, why do we get ‘hangry’? … From Panama to Pan Am: novelist Cristina Henriquez remembers a nation in revolt, then we learn about the ‘Jet Age,’ when coach was actually classy… Mailing your kid to granny’s house was actually legal?! … Plus: Vanity Fair columnist Richard Lawson, new New Pornographers, and keeping tabs on a penguin.

Jenny Slate - "Penguin Balm"


Jenny Slate is a comedian and Saturday Night Live alum in addition to actor, but for her joke this Father's Day weekend, she turned to a classic from her own dad.


Citation Given: The Most-Edited Articles on Wikipedia

Small Talk

The 100 most-edited entries on Wikipedia run the gamut from predictable internet-fandom fare to the genuinely surprising: matters of considerable global import

Mailing Children Through the US Post

A History Lesson With Booze ®

When the US Postal Service first launched Parcel Post, they set a rule about no parcels over 50 pounds in weight - but they didn't specifically say no live human children...

Friday Cozy Time with First Aid Kit


Johanna and Klara Söderberg, the sister pair that form the band First Aid Kit, share their Americana tastes (Johnny Cash) and Swedish roots (fredagskväll).

The Not-So-Obvious Jenny Slate

Guest of Honor

Actress and comedian Jenny Slate stars in the poignant new romantic comedy "Obvious Child" - a story about a woman seeking an abortion, which is still both romantic and funny.

Cristina Henríquez Gets to Know America


Cristina Henríquez’s third novel "The Book of Unknown Americans" starts in a run-down apartment in Delaware, expands out to the interconnected narratives of the immigrant families that live there.

Reasonable Explanations for 'Hunger Rage'

Main Course

Feeling 'hangry' - irritable due to hunger - is more than an internet-age excuse for grumpiness. It turns out to be a verifiable phenomenon with some complex causes embedded in modern culture.

John Waters on Friendly Bikers and Skeevy Shrimpers


Filmmaker, contemporary art scene staple, author, and camp aficionado John Waters tells us about his cross-country hitch-hiking road trip, and preferring bikers to shrimpers.

The Jet Set Age of Travel, Glamorous Take Off to Turbulent Crash

Chattering Class

Journalist William Stadiem's new book, "Jet Set: The People, The Planes, The Glamour and the Romance in Aviation's Glory Years," celebrates the glamorous golden age of air travel - from its take-off in 1958, to its demise in the 1970s, and the decidedly unglamorous and class-divided present.

Kevin Morby's "Ballad of Arlo Jones"

One For The Road

Kevin Morby's second solo album (following his work with bands Woods and The Babies) may be titled "Still Life," but the songs represent an musician on the move - both physically, as they were all written during a cycle of constant tour travel, and artistically.