Episode 193: Harmony Korine, Chris O’Dowd, and Ramen Ravioli

This week: Filmmaker Harmony Korine on Cassevetes and mime contests… Chris O’Dowd, star of Bridesmaids and now The Sapphires on sudden successes… Marisa Silver develops an iconic photo into a novel… Noodling around with Ramen and Ravioli…The history of the Stanley Cup inspires a drink (with no ice!)…The Posts address door jams and outer-underwear…Your Spring fashion preview, featuring trendy Hamburglars…Plus, a new tune from “Vampire Weekend,” KFC’s poetry campaign, and a nuclear-powered joke.

Filmmaker Harmony Korine method directs, wins at mime

Guest of Honor

Controversial and acclaimed filmmaker Harmony Korine's new movie Spring Breakers is shaping up to be a commercial success, but it's no less provocative than his past work. Rico talks with Harmony fever dreams, people who aren't people, and his mime moment.

Actor Chris O'Dowd lists his favorite out-of-nowhere success stories

Guest List

Chris O'Dowd stars in "The Sapphires" about a very unlikely pop hit - so we asked him for some other great out-of-nowhere success stories.

Author Marisa Silver with a Free Joke


Author Marisa Silver kicks off the party with a joke, free of charge.

Ramenoli is Yuji Haraguchi's Major Fusion Innovation

Main Course

Yuji Haraguchi grew up eating ramen but cut his teeth as a prep cook at Italian eateries in New York. Thus was born his brilliant idea: use the classic Japanese noodle to wrap ravioli-style filling.

The Most Famous Punch Bowl in Sports History

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1892, a certain Lord Stanley of Preston purchased the most notorious punch bowl in sports history. Learn about some of the (in)glorious moments in the lifespan of Stanley's "Cup," and then fill it with this sweet Canadian cocktail.

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning. Courtesy of The Emily Post Institute.

The Posts on Door Jams and Visible Underwear


The Posts return once again. This time they tackle door jams and outgoing underwear.

Spring Fashion Trends from a 'Cosmopolitan' Expert

Chattering Class

Cosmopolitan’s new fashion director Aya Kana schools Brendan in a few Spring trends: crop-tops that aren’t crass, ‘awning’ stripes, and Grease-y looks.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Gets into the Poetry Business

Small Talk

The Paris Review's Sadie Stein explains why KFC-China is launching Operation Thunder - a poetry offensive.

Vampire Weekend - Step

One For The Road

One For The Road: Vampire Weekend, "Step"