Introducing Safe For Work

Rico and Brendan aren't exactly back, but they're here to tell you about their new projects! Brendan has been producing The Paris Review and Rico has a new podcast called "Safe For Work." Rico and Liz Dolan ("Satellite Sisters") will help you make the big decisions, sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. Here's a preview.

How to Behave: Celebrity Edition

Alas, this is our last audio treat for you (for now). In the final installment of the "How to Behave" series, you'll hear some of the best of our favorite etiquette segments with celebrities. Master thespian Sir Ian McKellen offers a tip on how to deal with people who mispronounce your name (never correct the Queen), Cameron Diaz gives us impeccable advice for the long haul, and the one and only RuPaul gives some "godly" etiquette guidance. Be sure to keep up with Brendan and Rico at Cheers!

How to Behave: Comedy Edition

We've got another audio treat for you! Think of these as a companion to Brendan and Rico's book, "Brunch is Hell." In the second installment of the "How to Behave" series, you'll hear some of the best of our favorite etiquette segments with comedians. Our guests include "Portlandia" stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, Maria Bamford of "Lady Dynamite," and "Difficult People" star Billy Eichner. Cheers!

How to Behave: Food Edition

Surprise! You might've thought we posted our last DPD episode, but we've got a few more audio goodies over the next couple of weeks, starting with this inaugural episode of what we're calling our "How to Behave" series. Think of it as a companion to Brendan and Rico's book, "Brunch is Hell." These episodes will take the best bits of our favorite etiquette segments. Today's theme is food, and our guests are celebrity chefs Alton Brown, Samin Nosrat, and Bobby Flay. Bon appétit!

400: The Last Supper – LIVE in Seattle!

It's our final new episode! Featuring new music from Northwest phenom Kyle Craft... A tale of howling at the moon from Snap Judgement's Glynn Washington... Unimpeachable holiday gift ideas from New York Times columnist Lindy West... Maddening song suggestions from Luke Burbank of "LiveWire"... And a litany of good - and bad - goodbyes for all of our wonderful listeners.

The 2017 All-Food Show

This week, we re-heat some of our favorite food-related stories EVER: Celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain gets tough and tender in our etiquette segment... New York's "The Pickle Guys" don their horseradish hazmat suits... Chef Eddie Huang makes us rethink mac and cheese ... Beth Ditto serves up a party soundtrack-- and great gravy... Brendan discovers the three most beautiful words in the English language: Korean, BBQ, Tacos. Chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton turns Triscuits into fine dining ... Actor Illeana Douglas recalls an all-day feast with Marlon Brando... And Rico gets a (tiny) taste of rationed food during WWII.

269: Mel Brooks, Greta Gerwig, and AC Newman

Encore Broadcast: Comedy legend Mel Brooks reanimates "Young Frankenstein" then offers priceless etiquette advice (warning: may include death threats, flatulence, gallows humor, and uncontrollable laughter)... Actress Greta Gerwig ("Frances Ha" and "Mistress America") tries a love story on for size... AC Newman of indie rock super-group The New Pornographers spins a party soundtrack that's so cool, it'll annoy you... The one and only "Cat Cafe" in North America (no, you do not eat the cats)... The science of "nose-blindness"... We toast Emma Nutt, the first female switchboard operator in history.  And music from your new (old) grrlfriends Ex Hex.

The Thank You Show

The title says it all, folks. Thanks for lending us your ears, ideas, laughs, taste buds, pun tolerance, and everything else! We're blessed to have you attending our party every week, and so we figured it was high time for some audio "thank you" notes.

399: Tig Notaro, Jon Batiste, and Real American Food

Tig Notaro brings her life to TV... The Late Show's Jon Batiste makes a case for a surprise at every dinner party... Chef Sean Sherman re-imagines indigenous American cuisine... Director Yorgos Lathimos on his follow-up to "The Lobster"... and more!

398: Abbi Jacobson, Whitney Cummings, and More Wonder Women

Actor Abbi Jacobson remembers her past recycling bottles for spare change... Comedian Whitney Cummings talks about being polite when you're codependent... Drummer Patty Schemel makes a case for why drummers shouldn't be the butt of the joke... The director of "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women"... The best baguette you'll ever eat... and more!