WATCH: 10 Ways to Go for Gold at Your Next Dinner Party

It’s time for the world to see how we stack up in the dinner party arena with these "feasts of strength."

Every four years, the world’s greatest come together — to show off their party prep skills. In a series of events, each more trying than the one preceding it, “The Dinner Party Download” crew and colleagues test the limits of their hospitality by performing incredible triumphs of physical prowess. OK, so maybe these aren’t the most athletic 10 events, but you can thank us when all your guests compare your next dinner party to Simone Biles.


A textbook technique. [Ed. note: Throwing disqualifies you. And gets you tossed out of the party.]


This event is all about style — and this performance has style out the wazoo! Look at those hands dance!

Synchronized Sipping

They say never drink alone, and this is as good an argument as any we’ve seen.


Of olive the “feasts of strength” so far, this one has the most to sink your teeth into. Drama, tension and pimentos a-plenty! Make sure you have your Martini on standby.


Whether you’re taking the plunge or just a quick dip, this classic technique will earn you the respect and admiration of your fellow partygoers.


To avoid “the awkward handshake,” simply go for the takedown immediately. It’s a great icebreaker. Careful, though: it can also be a bone-breaker.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

We redefine bartending. The secret ingredient is flair!


This requires coordination, finesse, and a skillful technique to get winning results.


The table is set, the cocktails are flowing, and the food is ready… it’s time for the main event. Just make sure you do it on an empty stomach.


The party is over and the dishes are clean. It’s time to put them away! ALL OF THEM. Can you do it in one try?