Deafheaven Pairs Black Metal with Dinner

Deafhaven, courtesy Randi Sumner

For their new EP “Sunbather”,  Deafheaven picked up the coveted “Best New Music” title and an 8.9 rating from the ever-influential Pitchfork.  The San Francisco-based band’s second outing sends screaming Scandinavian-influenced metal crashing headlong into dreamy UK-style shoegaze rock, then drizzles the wreckage with California melody.  They’re on tour now.


Deafheaven’s party playlist follows their edict that any DJ should start small and build up – getting a bit “wavy” along the way – and mirrors their own music’s mix of light and dark, dancey and dense:

1. At The Drive-In, “Initiation”

2. True Widow, “Skull Eyes”

3. UGK featuring Outkast, “International Players Anthem”

4. Deafheaven, “Sunbather”