Deafheaven Pairs Black Metal with Dinner

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Deafhaven, courtesy Randi Sumner

For their new EP “Sunbather”,  Deafheaven picked up the coveted “Best New Music” title and an 8.9 rating from the ever-influential Pitchfork.  The San Francisco-based band’s second outing sends screaming Scandinavian-influenced metal crashing headlong into dreamy UK-style shoegaze rock, then drizzles the wreckage with California melody.  They’re on tour now.


Deafheaven’s party playlist follows their edict that any DJ should start small and build up – getting a bit “wavy” along the way – and mirrors their own music’s mix of light and dark, dancey and dense:

1. At The Drive-In, “Initiation”

2. True Widow, “Skull Eyes”

3. UGK featuring Outkast, “International Players Anthem”

4. Deafheaven, “Sunbather”