Photo: Eliot Lee Hazel

Music for the Moon and Stars from Rodrigo Amarante

Brazilian musician and songwriter Rodrigo Amarante has been part of the bands Los Hermanos, Orquestra Imperial, and the U.S. indie outfit Little Joy. He provides a party playlist to spin under the stars.

Jenny Lewis Shares Mint Chips, Ticking Clocks

Singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis dominated the early-aughts with her wistful indie pop. She's back this month with a new solo record. Her dinner party soundtrack is easy to love - and easy to leave.

People Get Ready for a Party

Brooklyn band People Get Ready create electronic pop that, while it stands alone on record, is composed with choreography in mind. The playlist they provide this week may itself inspire a bit of dancing.

Zig Zags Mellow, for a Moment

L.A. trio Zig Zags are known for heavy, retro metal-punk and have collaborated with Iggy Pop and Ty Segall. They turned the volume down a notch to put together this mellow, '70s-style playlist.

Friday Cozy Time with First Aid Kit

Johanna and Klara Söderberg, the sister pair that form the band First Aid Kit, share their Americana tastes (Johnny Cash) and Swedish roots (fredagskväll).

Hamilton Leithauser’s Retro Soul

Hamilton Leithauser, frontman of The Walkmen (and father of a two-year-old daughter with particularly keen musical tastes), plays some soulful party songs and shares his solo debut.

Elephant Exes Still Agree: Diana Ross is a Babe

Internet musichounds fell in love with the dreamy pop tunes of UK duo Elephant. But the duo fell out of love with each other, just in time for the release of their debut album. Even so, they've reunited to tour the record... and to give us a party playlist.

Fighting for Classic Rock with The War on Drugs

Classic-rock revivalists The War on Drugs have made a major breakthrough with their third record, "Lost in the Dream." The band is currently in the midst of a tour, selling out club after club across North America. Adam Granduciel, the man behind the band, offers up a dinner party playlist.