The Preatures Shine Through Dark Times

The Preatures join us to play a song live in our studio and share some other party rocking favorites. The band is divided over Nick Drake.

Songs for a Quiet Night with Jeremy Jay

After working on his darkly dreamy new album in nigh-reclusion, we asked indie synth-pop musician Jeremy Jay for songs to play at a party.

Photo by Danny Dorsa

Mutual Benefit Admiration Society

Jordan Lee makes music under the moniker Mutual Benefit. He has been playing small rooms of in-the-know crowds for years - but with his new release, he is set to break through big time. He gives us a party playlist of other indie acts that share his subtle style.

Seventies Songs for a Swinging Fondue Party with Bill Callahan

American-inflected singer-songwriter Bill Callahan is back with "Dream River," his 18th record since 1990. When compiling his dinner party soundtrack, he recalled his parents' 1970s dinner parties and went with a subtle, retro sound and a bit of depth below the surface.

We Fall Hard for Jimmy Cliff

Recording since 1968, Jimmy Cliff deserves tremendous credit for shaping reggae music in Jamaica and for popularizing it around the world. Back with a new record, he's enjoying reaching a whole new generation of fans.