Small Talk

Nose-Blindness: Do you Smell What I Smell?

People lose the ability to perceive the scent of their environment within just a few sniffs, according to recent studies. In other words, your house probably smells grosser than you think.

Trendies Embrace Their Inner Toddlers

What do you call it when adults dress in kitschy prints, slouchy overalls, and other fashions normally left to preschoolers? A trend called "toddlercore."

Sanitation Workers Win the Right to Nap

Los Angeles thought they were avoiding a costly PR blunder when they banned napping by sanitation workers. That turned out to be a very expensive mistake.

Mood Blankets for First Class

British Airways is testing a high-tech "happiness blanket" that changes colors to indicate a passenger's in-flight mood.

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Mensa Match-Making

A new collaboration between "genius society" Mensa and dating site helps the super-smart seeking a meeting of the minds.

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Restoring a Van Gogh… Ear

We are all ears (sorry) for a story about an artist/scientist who has re-grown Vincent Van Gogh's famously severed ear.

Evans Carlson as a brigadier general. Marine Corps photo. Source:

Feeling Gung-Ho About China

The expression "Gung-Ho" entered the American vocabulary through the Marine Corps - but it was picked up by the Marines from an unexpected source.