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The Lonely Whale: No Myth

In episode #84, author Karen Russell told us about a lonely whale whose damaged love song chases lady whales away. We couldn’t verify the story’s authenticity at the time, but it turns out it’s true (sort of)(sadly)…

When Stars collide

Trek meets Wars on a pack of schizophrenic trading cards.

“All”‘s theme, considered

*Below is a transcript of a voice-mail message left for me yesterday by Tim Walker, organizer and chief instigator of the world-famous [Grilled Cheese Invitational]( Try not to think about it during “All Things Considered” tonight; I dare you. -/RG* — Rico. It’s me. Listen, I don’t know if I shared with you this epiphany […]

Coolest Beatle: Ringo?

*Our guest blogger today is Steve Thornton — owner and operator of [The Indiepop List,]( an online forum for lovers of pop music, particularly in the Belle & Sebastian vein. That’s where Steve first posted this vigorous defense of Ringo, and where I first read it. I should note Steve’s opinions do not necessarily reflect […]


For the past few months we’ve been camping out at our [Facebook Fan Page]( and crashing at [Twitter](, but today we finally have a place to call our own: Welcome to the Dinner Party Download’s new home on the web. Getting nervous about impromptu dinner parties is now a thing of the past! You can […]