Small Talk

The Mother of All Appetizers

This week's small talk is about some big food. Our friend Richard Lawson - currently with Atlantic Wire, just named the new Hollywood columnist for Vanity Fair - pops in to talk about a new mutant food.

Taking a (Slow) Walk in Love

Reyhan Harmanci, executive editor of the food/culture magazine Modern Farmer, tells us about love, walking, and the evolutionary justification for spending Friday night at home with Netflix.

Ben Schott Expands His Vocabulary

Writer and "gentleman miscellanist" Ben Schott turned to the linguistic flexibility of German to create his own glossary of new words for very specific modern states.

The Creepiest Awards Show Going

Reyhan Harmanci, Deputy Editor of the food culture mag Modern Farmer, lays out the results of the coveted “Spider of the Year” awards.

Every Viking Gives Birth to a Book

Sadie Stein of The Paris Review shares a new BBC report which names Iceland's 300,000 residents the most bookish population in the world.

Rihanna, Crime Solver

Marah Eakin, music editor of The A.V. Club, tips us off to a crime story from her pop-music beat - a minor scandal involving R&B star Rihanna, a selfie, some shady Thai gentlemen, and the cute (and legally protected) mammal known as the slow loris.

Spaceship to Table Agriculture

Reyhan Harmanci is the senior editor of Modern Farmer, so it makes sense that she brings us news of some very modern farming: growing food in space.