A History Lesson With Booze ®

Historic Transfusions and the Bloody Corpse

This week back in 1667 the first successful human blood transfusion took place… which is not to say the ones that followed were successful. Listen to the wild and woolly story, then replace part of your bloodstream with this hangover cure - the mutant offspring of a Bloody Mary and a Corpse Reviver No. 2.

Ivan Ivanovich and The Splash Down

This week back in 1961, Ivan Ivanovich became the first man in space. Or rather, the first mannequin in space. Learn about this state-of-the-art dummy, and then toast his successes with this custom cocktail.

The Invention of Pac-Man and an Inventive Cocktail

In 1980, Toru Iwatani created an arcade video game that he thought would appeal to the ladies featuring a cute little dude who bounces around noshing on fruits and dots. It wasn’t big in Japan – but stateside, Pac-Man took off big-time. Listen to the history, play a few levels, and then join us at the bar for a highly unusual cocktail.

Jane Fonda’s Workout and The VHS

Jane Fonda blazed a trail for leg-warmer-wearers everywhere with the release of her first workout video tape in 1982. It went on to sell millions of copies, which spiked VCR sales, and helped grow the fitness industry nationwide. While you certainly shouldn’t drink alcohol while exercising, here’s a custom (healthy!) concoction for your post-workout wind-down.

A lucky thief and Bloody Cheek

In 1671, Colonel Thomas Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels - armed with little more than his charm. He failed miserably. Learn about why King Charles rewarded the red-handed bandit, and then quaff this gilt-y pleasure of a cocktail.

The Most Famous Punch Bowl in Sports History

In 1892, a certain Lord Stanley of Preston purchased the most notorious punch bowl in sports history. Learn about some of the (in)glorious moments in the lifespan of Stanley's "Cup," and then fill it with this sweet Canadian cocktail.

Gumming-Up History

This week in 1891, Chicago entrepreneur William Wrigley began giving away bubble gum. Learn about how he turned this chewy afterthought into a billion-dollar model of marketing...and then blow bubbles in this custom cocktail.

The vacuum cleaner and The Suck It Up

This week back in 1899, John Thurman patented a device that was almost -- but not quite -- a vacuum cleaner... inspiring Englishman Hubert C. Booth to invent the real deal. Hear the story, then toast the spirit of invention with a cocktail that doesn't suck.

Cold Fusion and The Saint

This week in 1989, two respected electro-chemists, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman, announced they'd discovered science's holy grail: a process for generating clean fusion energy at low temperatures. The media called it a miracle... but was it too good to be true? Listen to the tale and then experiment with this custom cocktail.

History Sparks and the Strike

This week back in 1827, a chemist based in Stockton-on-Tees, England, made a striking discovery. Learn about John Walker's accidental invention of the friction match, and then light up your night with these brilliant matchstick cocktails.