Soon You Might Be Able to Go Inside a Horror Movie

If going inside a hyper-realistic, immerse virtual reality horror film is your idea of a fun time - and you happen to own an Oculus Rift - there's a project you may want to support.

A Dinner Party in Lavender Country

In 1973, "Lavender Country" was the first openly gay album of country music. It has been reissued and its creator, Patrick Haggerty, continues his work as a musician and activist.

Ruben Östlund, director of FORCE MAJEURE, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. Photo credit: Johan Bergmark

Ruben Östlund Leaves Audiences with Questions

In Swedish filmmaker Ruben Ostlund's fourth feature film, he depicts a family unable to trust each other after the father flees a disaster, raising questions about the roles we all play in society and relationships.

Dan Pashman Shares: Stacked Pork, Soaked Pork, and Sharing

Dan Pashman is the host and creator of WNYC's podcast The Sporkful, and author of the new textbook-style tome "Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious." It's designed to help readers get maximum pleasure from food. As this week's etiquette expert, he answers listeners' questions about, for instance, a vegan who takes no pleasure from vegetables.

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

Elle Fanning Has Empathy, Luck, Friends

In the gritty-yet-sensuous jazz biopic "Low Down," teen actor Elle Fanning gives her first performance depicting a real-life subject... who was on the set every day to watch. Elle tells Rico about it, and reveals the secret to stardom.

The Sistine Chapel’s Unwilling Artist

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel might be Michelangelo's most iconic masterpiece, but when he was first offered the commission, he absolutely did not want the job. Learn all about it, and a fortifying drink to serve with it.

Leon Bridges Comes Home

Leon Bridges is a Sam Cooke-channeling soul singer from Fort Worth, Texas. This week he took online tastemakers by storm with the release of two new songs.

Barbara Kruger Talks Past, Present, and Futura

Barbara Kruger is one of the most influential contemporary artists of the last forty years, and her bold, text-laden work is among the world's most recognizable. She tells Rico about her own influences, and cops to preferring laughs to smiles.

Tenacious D Tell You How To Behave

As comedy-rock duo Tenacious D, Kyle Gass and Jack Black parody -- yet also masterfully perform and glorify -- the majestic stadium rock of the '70s and '80s. And now, thanks to us, they are public radio's moral compass.